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Portraits from Albert Russo

23 Apr

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9 Jan


I AM IN LOVE. With Conrad Roset‘s nudey girls. The simplicity, the complexity, the miraculous merge of two into what is the female body. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I urge you all to GO GO GO!! My fascination with the female body just hopped another notch.

Takato Yamamoto

26 Dec

Takato Yamamoto‘s work BLOWS every illustration I have ever seen out of the water. Ok, maybe that was a bit extreme, but at this moment it just seems so justifiable. His illustrations conjure up all sorts of elements; whether they are so scary you can’t take your eyes away, or so intricate you can’t possibly grasp the details in the imagery – the haunting, beautiful figurines in his work with a vintage, nostalgic, washed-out, and detailed touch really give flight to any imagination. The theme, as he quotes: ” is the image of the universe operation that has repeated the circulating generation (life) and dismantlement (death).” You can read more of his interview and process from Juxtapoz.

Pamela Dale

18 Dec

Pamela Dale‘s attention to detail blows me away. What’s more interesting is that these are done in oils… gotta appreciate work that transcends its medium…


17 Dec

You don’t take a photograph.
You ask, quietly, to borrow it. ”

-Author Unknown

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Thank You For Shopping

16 Dec

“To highlight the irony often held within model poses in editorials, we turned obvious sexualy explicit pictures meant to display designer clothes, into a show of models gasping for air.
Thank you for shopping.”

G&V (Gustaf von Arbin & Vassili Brault), collective specializing in Art & Photography


14 Dec

photographer/artist collab extraordinaire, Mi-Zo (Zoren Gold and Minori)